Author & Business Strategist for Authors ~ I provide the tools & insight so you can get back to writing!


I'm a smart successful writer able to navigate publishing, marketing and a healthy balanced lifestyle. I write books, market and collaborate, raise a family and compete in fitness competitions. Oh, did I mention I'm loving every minute of my journey. If you need help learning how to do the same thing, reach out and I'll coach you.

An Idea is Born

I left a six-figure salary in sales and marketing, and started writing to pursue my dream of being an author. Eight years later, I've published over twenty books and I'm ready to merge my two worlds and push new boundaries. There's a hole in the market and trust me, I know it . How?  Because I've been dealing with it for the last eight years. 

The How, What, and Why of building & flaunting an author brand on social media. 

You're probably wondering why I'm doing this if my dream was to write books. Well, it's because the universe keeps calling me to bigger things. Over and over, I'm approached by overwhelmed authors looking for help. Some people hire PA's but to be honest when it comes to Publishing, it feels a bit like the Wild West. Not only that, but it's hard to find good help.  Things are not streamlined. How can assistant's help if we don't even know what we need them to do. And that's where I come in. I can help you build the foundation.  I can teach you how to manage, organize and streamline your social media so you don't waste time marketing or spend unnecessary funds on advertising. Not only that, but I can answer your publishing questions and guide you through tough times. I won't do it for you but I will provide tools, content and most importantly I'll teach you how to create your own.